Wealth Art (or Aesthetician Tells You Why Artists Need Wealth) is an installation of photography, experimental writing, art books, and pattern design that uses the color red to construct a surreal scenario which is inspired by the office design of a Chinese company president. As a continuation of The Career of Beauty (or Aesthetician Tells You Why Artists Need Team Vitality), the project continues to use the methodology of role-playing to portray the image of "Aesthetics Master Xia”, and attempts to connect and blur the boundaries between the multiple topics of business success theory, tactics of pyramid schemes, the legacy of communist politics, and Chinese traditional culture,  and to explore how these issues collectively point to the construction of a power system.
《财富艺术》(美学大师告诉你为何艺术家需要财富)是包含摄影、虚构写作、艺术书、纹样设计等元素的装置作品,利用红色构建了一个脱胎于现实的总裁办公室场景。项目作为《美的事 业》的延续,继续使用角色扮演的方法塑造“美学大师诚安哥”这一形象,并试图串联和混淆商业成功学、传销话术、共产政治视觉遗产以及传统文化多种议题之间的界限,探讨这些议题共同指向的权力体系构建方法的议题。